Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Halo 4 War Games Daily Challenges - 6/5/13

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The Challenges:

Rolling Thunder - Earn 2 Killing Spree medals. - 500 XP
A Killing Spree in War Games is earned when you score five kills in a row. As this challenge stipulates "Killing Spree medals" other sprees such as weapon and miscellaneous sprees will not count. Now, you do not need five in a single game, just overall but that should not be too difficult as we are often tasked with scoring five or so for this challenge. You will undoubtedly be playing games in the Capture the Flag playlist thanks to the "Raise The Flag" challenge and this is good because objective gametypes are typically the best for getting killing sprees. Complete "Raise The Flag" first and then move onto this one as you may get a spree or two while working on it.

Raise The Flag - Win 8 matchmaking Capture the Flag matches. - 4000 XP
So, about a month ago, this challenge for three less wins was worth fifteen hundred experience points less. Well, at least 343i is being consistent now. Regardless, Capture the Flag is a gametype where you need a communicative team to help you capture the flag, but also defend you own flag. The one shitty thing about capture the flag is that it often goes down to the time limit with no one getting the required five scores to win it. Most of the maps are simply too big for that. So, one way to speed it up is to pick smaller maps. You will need to venture into the Capture The Flag playlist for this challenge, obviously, but games can also be had in the Castle DLC, Team Doubles, and Team Throwdown playlists. Eight games will take a while to win, so expect to play up to a possible of sixteen games for this challenge.

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