Friday, June 7, 2013

Halo 4 War Games Daily Challenges - 6/7/13

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The Challenges:

Deposed! - Earn 5 Regicides in a single match. - 800 XP
XP rewards need to go back up, especially for challenges like this. It used to be worth much more. Just going to drive more people away by having them this low. Now, a Regicide is earned when you kill the king in a game of Regicide. It used to be that this challenge required ten in a single game, but this lower total will make things much easier. Expect the typical douche-like behavior from some people who are just going for kills and not the king. I have score eleven in a game before in FFA Regicide, but I am not expecting such glowing results today. Try to play with a few friends, if you can, as that way you can coordinate with them to take down the king faster. The longer the king stays alive, the higher his bounty probably is, and you want it as low as possible. Should take a game or two to complete.

That's Just Perfect - Complete a War Games match with at least 15 kills without dying. - 10000 XP
We have not had this challenge in about two and a half months. I consider that to be a good thing, honestly. At least it is worth more XP this time, double what it was the last time. Anyway, this will be a complete and utter pain to accomplish. On the bright side, this is unlike a perfection in Reach where you also needed to win the game. Now, you will likely want a large gametype, like Dominion, where you can hang back and just get kills. Small maps do not afford you enough room to hide once you hit the fifteen required kills. You will also need teammates that will give you a lot of opportunities to yank their kills and who will protect you once you need to hide. Unfortunately, this will take a bunch of games to complete so get ready for the long haul.

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