Saturday, June 15, 2013

Halo 4 War Games Daily Challenges - 6/15/13

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The Challenges:

Exterminate! Exterminate! - Kill every member of the opposing team at least once in a match. - 2000 XP
You can somewhat treat this like an actually Extermination from Reach, but just spread out over an entire game. As well, there is a commendation that tracks this. Now, you do need to kill every member of the opposing team, just not at all once. This probably happens more often than not without you even noticing it. You will want to stick to gametypes with a low number of players per team. This means Team Slayer Pro, Infinity Slayer, or SWAT. Each one of those gametypes has teams of four players maximum. I'm not entirely sure how people joining and leaving the game effect this stat, but most likely you will need to have killed every player who is on the team once the game ends. Should take a game or two to complete.

Removalist - Win 3 matchmaking Extraction matches. - 2250 XP
I guess June will be no different in terms of us not getting these shitty "Win _ matches" challenges. Experience point value, to be honest, is still quite low too. Now, Extraction is a newer gametype that is typically played on large maps. There are several objectives on the maps upon which your team is able to play a device to extra points essentially. This device can be taken over repeatedly by either team during the forty-five second countdown. Good teammates are a must for this playlist as you need to hold these two spots. Now, three wins means that you may have to play six or more games as it depends on your teammates and your opponents.

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