Sunday, September 9, 2012

Halo Reach Daily Challenges Guide - 9/9/12

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The Challenges:

Light Fare - Kill 100 enemies in any game mode in Reach. - 3000cR
Well, you should really have no trouble with this challenge today as a hundred kills will be very easy to come by. You can try for any of these challenges by themselves and take care of this one. These kills can be gained in any mode in Reach which should make everyone's lives easier. Really not much else to say for this one, just get the other challenges done and you are all set for this challenge. Move along.

Take A Dip - Kill 150 enemies on Waterfront in Firefight Matchmaking. - 2500cR
So, unfortunately this will require at least two games to complete. Waterfront is an okay map, though not my favorite for any sort of Firefight since you can easily get flanked or surrounded. Now, a hundred and fifty kills is past what you would typically get in a single match of Score Attack or in the Firefight playlist so this will require two games. Should be pretty easy to go for during the "J.H. Death Machine" challenge as that will likely take two games to complete. Firefight playlist will be your preferred one for this challenge.

J.H. Death Machine - Kill 70 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking with the Grenade Launcher. - 2250cR
The Grenade Launcher is actually surprisingly hard to find in Firefight Matchmaking unless you know the right gametypes. We will stick to the Firefight playlist for this one as the other ones do not have the gametype that we want for this challenge. The gametype we are looking for is Arcadefight NEP which features the Grenade Launcher as a loud out option and this will be best done on a smaller map. Basically, try to catch enemies as they spawn and shoot into large clusters. Remember that these grenade rounds have a bit of a bounce to them and do not go off at very close range. Expect this challenge to take two games as you will need to compete with the other plays to get it done.

Single Wield - Earn 100 kills with small arms weapons in multiplayer Matchmaking. - 3000cR
This will be, by far, the most annoying challenge of the day but it can be made a lot easier by being in the right playlist. First off, small arms weapons in Reach include the Magnum Pistol, the Needler, the Plasma Pistol, and the Brute Spiker. The Brute Spiker is not common in multiplayer, so the other three will be your best bets. Now, Team SWAT is one of your best bets for this challenge as it has the SWAT Magnums gametype. Takes one shot to the head to score a kill. You can also go for this in regular SWAT, but that is not recommended. As well, Multi Team can prove fruitful since there are so many targets and you can just spam a Needler into a crowd to score kills. Choice is yours but expect this to take about ten to twelve games.

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