Monday, August 26, 2013

Halo 4 Campaign Weekly Challenges - 8/26/13

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The Challenges:

That's No Moon! - Complete Requiem solo on Legendary difficulty. - 5000 XP
I thought we were doing LASO challenges. They need to make up their damn minds over there so we can get used to playing through these levels on a certain difficulty. Personally, I think this kind of sucks, as we could get more interesting Weekly Campaign Challenges, but alas. Requiem is actually a decently long level and making it harder on yourself is not a great idea. All of this level is just facing your standard Covenant forces so there are no special techniques except to make sure you utilize you armor abilities and just take it slow. Another thing to be mindful of is that you use appropriate weapons at appropriate times. I.e. do not waste a rocket on a single Grunt that you can just go melee. As well, you can die as much as you want, so do not be afraid to fail and restart a section. This isn't LASO, yet.

Reclaim This! - Complete Reclaimer solo on Legendary difficulty. - 5500 XP
Reclaimer was a mission that I actually enjoyed, to be honest. It has a decent section featuring vehicle combat and then the later part is entirely on foot. Now, you start out just before going aboard a Mammoth and you will ride this, or alongside it, to all the first major destination. Hang back when possible and take things at distance. There is plenty of ranged ammunition onboard the Mammoth along with some Snipers and Rockets. They are especially useful against the Wraith tanks so use them. When you get to vehicular combat, do not let the Marines drive, it will just get you killed. Let them man the gun to so you can live. Eventually you will get a Scorpion Tanks and, at that point, just blast the hell out of everything. This mission does seem to go on for a while so be patient with it.

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