Sunday, August 4, 2013

Halo 4 War Game Monthly Challenges - 8/4/13

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The Monthly Challenge:
To The Victor Go The Spoils - Win 75 matchmaking War Games matches. - 20000 XP
You knew it was going to come back to this challenge, right? Though, three months without it was rather nice, but I really just don't like the idea of Monthly Challenges that much. Just not a lot you can do with them. Regardless, here we go. Eighty games also means that you need to win about three games a day this month. That will put you at ninety as long as you play every single day. In reality, they will probably give challenges each day requiring that many kills, so this should be partially done for us.

As you are going for wins, Flood and Regicide are right out as they are Free-for-all playlists. Oddball is a great option because, if you have a good team, you can camp the ball or pass it back and forth to ensure that you keep the ball in your team's possession. For those people who want the fastest gametypes, well, that is most likely SWAT. Kills come in faster and the game can go very quickly on a smaller map. Some of the faster gametypes are Free-for-alls, like Flood, so I would ignore those as well. The kill limit for all slayer matches was moved to sixty kills which will also extend all games. Now, if you have a good team that is coordinated, Oddball can be a very quick game as long as you pick a defensible position and get the ball immediately, as well as utilizing the pass function. This also hold true for Dominion if you can quickly capture all the bases and then eliminate the enemy team. Stay away from Capture the Flag if you are short on time as those games almost always go the entire time. Grifball has returned as well so look to that if it was good to you in Reach.

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