Friday, August 9, 2013

Halo 4 War Games Daily Challenges - 8/9/13

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The Challenges:

Spartan Takedown - Kill 100 Players. - 1000 XP
Typically, this challenge is only asking for thirty-five or so kills for the Daily variant. That is clearly changing up today as the challenge is now asking for a hundred kills, a slight increase, but not really increasing the XP value by all that much. Regardless, you need to get a hundred kills today in War Games, overall for this challenge. Not in a single game or in a specific mode, just over all. For most people, this is probably a three or four games' worth of kills depending on the playlist. Complete "The Pistolero" first but that not be enough games for absolutely anyone. Play whatever you like or just play some standard slayer games or jump into the Grifball playlist. In the end, this challenge should not take a lot of work to complete and it will just be a bunch more XP for you to bank.

Rolling Thunder - Earn 10 Killing Spree medals. - 2000 XP
A Killing Spree in War Games is earned when you score five kills in a row. As this challenge stipulates "Killing Spree medals" other sprees such as weapon and miscellaneous sprees will not count. Now, you do not need ten in a single game, as that would be practically impossible, just overall but even that can be a bit of a task with the current state of War Games Matchmaking. You will undoubtedly be playing games in the Team Objective playlist thanks to "Spartan Takedown" challenge and this is good because objective gametypes are typically the best for getting killing sprees. Complete "Spartan Takedown" first and then move onto this one as you may get a spree or two while working on it.

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