Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Halo 4 War Games Daily Challenges - 8/28/13

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The Challenges:

Spartan Master Killer - Kill 20 Players in a single War Games match. - 2000 XP
Well, at least the XP is going back up a bit. I was expecting it to go up more with This first challenge, asking you to score twenty kills in a single game can be completed in no time at all. First off, you need a playlist with a lot of player and no kill limit. That pretty much means Dominion or Grifball. In Dominion, I would head for the larger vehicles, like Scorpion and Wraith Tanks. Stay near bases to play defense and you should have no trouble racking up the kills. Grifball allows you to get an insane number of kills regardless. This is also doable in most other slayer-based playlists, just easier in Dominion and Grifball.

One, Two, Three, Four... - Earn 10 Multikill medals. - 1000 XP
A multikill in Halo 4 is earned when you score multiple kills each within four and a half seconds of each other. These are decidedly less common in Halo 4 than they were in Reach so you really need to set up the right gametype and such to score them. Now, having access to large number of enemies and heavy weapons is a great way to score multikills. Grifball is back so that is definitely an option for this challenge. This will actually be the main focal achievements for today so you will likely get the kills needed for "Spartan Master Killer" while working on this, not the other way around like it usually happens. Ten multikills should take about two or three games to complete.

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