Monday, August 12, 2013

Halo 4 Campaign Weekly Challenges - 8/12/13

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The Challenges:

This Is Gonna Hurt - Complete any Campaign Mission on Heroic or higher difficulty with the Famine, Tilt and Thunderstorm skulls. - 4500 XP
So, you are likely going to see both of these challenges and think to do them at one time. Today, for the first time in a long time, you would be correct. The only difference would be the addition of the Mythic Skull from the "Stormy Vengeance" which will not make a whole lot of problems on Heroic difficulty. Now, the Famine Skull will cause all weapons on the ground to have half as much ammunition, the Tilt skull will modify the damage tables, and the Thunderstorm skull will upgrade all enemies. Instead, I would run through Dawn as it is the easiest level of the game and also has the most placed weapons so it will be unaffected by the Famine Skull.

Stormy Vengeance - Complete any Campaign Mission on Heroic or higher difficulty with the Mythic and Thunderstorm skulls. - 3000 XP
Not really much to look at for this challenge, as I am telling you to do it while working on the "This Is Gonna Hurt Challenge." The only thing the Mythic Skull will do is double the health of all your enemies. Dawn is such a short mission anyway and the ability to run by the final big fight makes it a no-brainer. Just do this with the "This Is Gonna Hurt" challenge and you are all set.

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