Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Halo 4 War Games Daily Challenges - 8/20/13

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The Challenges:

I Predict A Riot - Earn 3 Killing Spree medals in a single match. - 1200 XP
Typically, this challenge asks for four sprees, so it has been toned down a little. Of course, that apparently means we get half the credits. Anyway, a Killing Spree in Halo 4 is earned when you score five kills in a row without dying. First it is a Killing Spree, then a Killing Frenzy, then a Running Riot, Rampage, etc. Now, the likelihood of you getting a Rampage in a game is extremely unlikely so you will need to stack together several smaller sprees. You will want large game like Big Team Infinity Slayer or Dominion. Make use of heavy vehicles, like Scorpion and Wraith Tanks, and also heavy weapons. If you are trying to string together a spree, it is also important to stay at range as your chances of dying are much higher when you are in close. Expect this to take a bunch of games to complete.

Dominator - Win 5 matchmaking Dominion matches. - 2000 XP
You know, I just never really got into the Dominion gametype. I guess I still miss Invasion, but hopefully that will be back for Halo 5. Now, Dominion is a gametype where there are three bases which you can capture and holding them for a certain amount of time gives you points. The first team to four-hundred points wins. Having a team that knows the maps and how to hold the bases is a must for this gametypes. If you have a lot of back and forth, the game will go on longer than it needs to. Now, you can also capture all the bases and then, if you kill the entire other team, the game will end with your victory. Just five wins for the day and you will be all set.

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