Monday, August 19, 2013

Halo 4 Campaign Weekly Challenges - 8/19/13

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The Challenges:

Turn It Off! - Complete Shutdown solo on Legendary difficulty. - 5000 XP
So, Shutdown actually has a shortcut now that allows you to cheat through the first two towers and you can practically make it through this level in just minutes. Who knows if this will still work once an update rolls out, but we can only hope. Now, you will start out and the jump into the Pelican attempting to fly to the towers in order to stop the Didact. Instead, you will want to fly to the final tower you go to in this level and you can just squeeze the Pelican in. Land and continue on. The game will act as though you completed everything else (thank you triggers!) and you can basically run through the final part, though watch for the hunters, to the end of the level. A video has been posted for this method, not mine, and all credit goes to Nak3dHalo for the vid.

Midnight SLASO - Complete Midnight solo on Legendary with all skulls on. - 7500 XP
What? The only other level they have asked us to do on even LASO difficulty was Dawn. Then, suddenly, they skip to the final mission of the game? WTF? And, as well, they credit rewards is so meager and shitty, what is the point? Well, I have very little knowledge or experience with which to help anyone out on this challenge. A cursory search of brought up these videos however; here, here, and here. Use whatever you can gather from those and good luck with this. I would suggest using the quit and save method so you do not completely lose you progress. Again, good luck but this one just is not worth it.

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