Thursday, August 8, 2013

Halo 4 War Games Daily Challenges - 8/8/13

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The Challenges:

Deft Hand - Earn 15 Combat Skill Medals. - 1500 XP
Combat Skill medals include the Killjoy, Headcase, From the Grave, Reload This, and Showstopper medals. You need fifteen of these overall today and so you will need to be ready to play a lot of games. Use precision weapons (DMR, BR, Light Rifle, Sniper) to score Headcase (headshot on a running target) medals and then use grenades when you are near death for the From the Grave medal. Reload This is pretty much dependent on the other player but people need to reload their weapons. Killyjoys and Showstopper are a bit more rare and harder to get so do not focus on them. You can expect to get about two to four medals a game. Complete "Raise The Flag" first, however, as you will probably get some Combat Skill medals while playing it.

Raise The Flag - Win 5 matchmaking Capture the Flag matches. - 2000 XP
Well, about two and a half weeks ago when we had this challenge, it was worth five-hundred less XP. I guess values are possibly going back up, which is definitely a good sign. Most likely, we will see an even bigger increase during the release of the next DLC. Regardless, Capture the Flag is a gametype where you need a communicative team to help you capture the flag, but also defend you own flag. The one shitty thing about capture the flag is that it often goes down to the time limit with no one getting the required five scores to win it. Most of the maps are simply too big for that. So, one way to speed it up is to pick smaller maps. You will need to venture into the Capture The Flag playlist for this challenge, obviously, but games can also be had in the DLC, Team Doubles, and Team Objective playlists.

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