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Halo 4 War Games Daily and Weekly Challenges - 8/16/13

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The Challenges:

Quick On The Trigger - Earn 8 Combat Skill Medals in a single match. - 1600 XP
Combat Skill medals, as we all probably do not remember due to them being so obscure, include the Killjoy, Headcase, From the Grave, Reload This, and Showstopper medals. You need eight of these today and they do need to be in a single game. Use precision weapons (DMR, BR, Light Rifle, Sniper) to score Headcase (headshot on a running target) medals and then use grenades when you are near death for the From the Grave medal. Reload This is pretty much dependent on the other player but people need to reload their weapons. Killyjoys and Showstopper are a bit more rare and harder to get so do not focus on them. Might take a few attempts to complete. Aim for objective gametypes to complete this challenge. Work on "Infected" first.

Infected - Win 3 matchmaking Flood matches. - 1200 XP
So, it seems that we have returned to the "do a bunch of difficult shit, get little reward" version of the War Games daily challenges. What joy! Anyway, Flood is a technically a Free-for-all mode though you will see yourself divided by teams. Unlike Reach, the Flood/Zombies are much more powerful in Halo 4 thanks to the thruster pack and the seemingly longer lunge range of the sword. As well, zombies also have shields so if you are one, hope is not lost. If you have a lot of campers, make use of invisibility so you can surprise them. If you are a survivor, make sure you utilize the Magnum at range and the Shotgun close up. Three matches will take a while to win, but it is doable if you start early enough in the day and keep at it.

The Weekly Challenges:
Deadeye - Kill 200 Players with a headshot. - 8000 XP
So, headshots can be scored with precision weapons, being the DMR, the BR, the Sniper Rifle, the Covenant Carbine, the Beam Rifle, the Light Rifle, or the Binary Cannon as well as the Magnum Pistol, and will come pretty commonly in matchmaking. Almost everyone is using precision weapons in their loadout so even if you are out of ammo you can likely pick one up. Team Snipers is still a playlist, along with SWAT, so that makes things easier. Now, depending on the weapons, and the playlist, you will need to take down the shields of your enemies to score headshots. Grenades and melees are very effective at this but a plasma pistol burst is best. Two hundred headshots should take fifteen to twenty games and probably can be done within three or four days.

Raise The Flag - Win 15 matchmaking Capture the Flag matches. - 7500 XP
It figures that, since we got a Daily challenge forcing you into a specific gametype, we would get a Weekly Challenge that forces you into another. Fifteen matches means a little more than two a day and Capture the Flag is a gametype where you need a communicative team to help you capture the flag, but also defend you own flag. The one shitty thing about capture the flag is that it often goes down to the time limit with no one getting the required five scores to win it. Most of the maps are simply too big for that. So, one way to speed it up is to pick smaller maps. Two to three wins a day should not take terribly long to win but it will require some dedication throughout this week. If you can, try and get more wins earlier so you have some wiggle room if you end up without time.

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