Monday, May 20, 2013

Halo 4 War Games Daily and Weekly Challenges - 5/20/13

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The Challenges:

To Be Precise - Get 20 kills with a Precision Loadout Weapon. - 700 XP
Precision Loadout weapons in Halo 4 include the DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle), the BR (Battle Rifle), the Covenant Carbine, and the Light Rifle. These are all the precision weapons that you can add to a customized loadout. Sniper, Binary Cannon, and Covenant Beam Rifle do not fall into this category. Now, some playlists, like SWAT, have you exclusively using these weapons and these are your best bets for completing these challenges. As all these games require sixty kills now, but your average number of kills should jump up a little, though twenty kills will remain out of range for most players in a regular game. As well, objective gametypes are good for this challenge as there is no kill limit and you can exclusively use a precision weapons in your loadouts. These do not need to be done in a single game however, so just try to have fun.

In The Back - Assassinate 5 Players. - 750 XP
Assassinations are not too hard to come by but, this time, you will need to bring in five assassinations overall, however. Now, to score an assassination, you need to go behind an enemy and hold down the melee button. An animation will then trigger that needs to mostly complete for the assassination to count. Now, Regicide, along with Team Snipers, is probably the best spot to score assassination in any sort of Slayer game since Team Slayer Pro was taken away. Generally, however, you will want to stick to objective games since you can then hide and ambush people. Basically, pick your poison for this challenge. Expect it to take a three or four games to score these assassinations.

The Weekly Challenges:
Spartan Takedown - Kill 175 Players. - 5000 XP
The last time we had this challenge it was for double the number of kills and you received double the number of XP. I guess, at least it is being consistent now. All in all, this challenge is not that hard. A hundred and seventy-five kills means that you need about twenty-five a day as seven days of that will net you the required kills. Grifball is likely the best playlist for scoring these kills as you can just play two a day and hit the fifty needed kills. If Grifball is not your thing, which is the case for many players, you may be better off in gametypes like Dominion, Big Team Infinity Slayer, and any objective gametypes that you enjoy. As long as you just get twenty-five kills a day everyday this week, you will complete this challenge.

That's Just Perfect - Complete a War Games match with at least 15 kills without dying. - 10000 XP
They keep having this challenge but felt the need to get rid of the perfection medal. It makes absolutely no sense to me. At least this is a Weekly Challenge now instead of a Daily one. Anyway, this will be a complete and utter pain to accomplish. On the bright side, this is unlike a perfection in Reach where you also needed to win the game. Now, you will likely want a large gametype, like Dominion, where you can hang back and just get kills. Small maps do not afford you enough room to hide once you hit the fifteen required kills. You will also need teammates that will give you a lot of opportunities to yank their kills and who will protect you once you need to hide. Unfortunately, this will take a bunch of games to complete so get ready for the long haul.

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