Saturday, May 11, 2013

Halo 4 War Games Daily Challenges - 5/11/13

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The Challenges:

Drop Bears! - Assassinate 5 Players in a single match. - 4000 XP
So, the stipulations on this challenge have changed some but the credit rewards sure did boost up, which is a good thing. This will be a difficult challenge for most so expect to spend a little time on it. You can trigger an assassination animation by holding the melee button behind an enemy. The animation needs to mostly complete for it to count. Now, Team Slayer Pro had been the best playlist for me to get assassinations, but that is now gone so we need other playlists. I have had luck in FFA Regicide on maps like Haven or Adrift (more Haven than the other one) which means stick to smaller maps. Dominion might be worthwhile for some, but that maps are much larger so you will likely need to hide in the bases. Expect to spend three or four games working on this one. Utilize Promethean Vision and Invisibility when you can. Complete "The Kingslayer" challenge first.

The Kingslayer - Earn 10 Regicides. - 2000 XP
And more Regicide. It figures, the one day we do not have a challenge to win games in a certain playlist, we are still being forced into playlists. Now, Regicides are earned when you kill the King in a Regicide match, whether Team or Free-for-all. Unlike yesterday, you will need ten Regicides rather than five. Whether you play standard Regicide or Team Regicide, slaying the King should be a regular occurrence, though less often in Team Regicide because you have an entire team to contend with. If you find it hard to come by King kills, head to the standard (FFA) Regicide and you can easily rack up the Regicides needed in two or three games (it is not uncommon to get almost ten Regicides a game in Free-for-all).

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