Sunday, August 26, 2012

Halo Reach Daily Challenges Guide - 8/26/12

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The Challenges:
Covenant-cide - Kill 120 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking. - 3200cR
So there are no overly hard challenges today and, in fact, all of them are rather simple. This challenge, asking you to score a hundred and twenty kills in Firefight Matchmaking should be easily taken care of by the "Demon" challenge which will, likely, have you playing two to three games to complete. A regular game in the Score Attack playlist will get you about a hundred and twenty kills or so, which finishes off this challenge pretty quick. Might fall a few kills short, but you will be playing a second game anyway.

Triple Thrill - Earn any 3 sprees in a multiplayer Matchmaking game. - 2000cR
Sprees, sprees, sprees. So a spree in Multiplayer Matchmaking is when you score five kills in a row, uninterrupted by death or the end of a round. The most common kind of spree is a Killing Spree but there are also weapon sprees (i.e. Sniper Spree) and other generic ones (i.e. Spawn Spree, Zombie Killing Spree). Three sprees in a single game can definitely be tough for many which is why I would recommend playing a playlist like Living Dead. If you are a survivor for most of the game, you stand a very good chance of getting three sprees done in relatively short order. There is a chance that this challenge will only count Killing Sprees and, if it does, Living Dead is still your best bet.

Demon - Kill 50 Elites in Firefight Matchmaking. - 3000cR
So, depending on what gametype you pick when playing Firefight Matchmaking, you will hopefully have no issues getting this challenge done in about two or three games. The gametype you will want is 2X Score Attack since, in the final wave, the game will through about twenty Elites at you who are actually very easy to kill due to the Double Damage. There are chances to get other Elite kills if you happen to take out some vehicles or get a Elite-filled Drop-pod to help. However, there is a high chance of ending a kill or two short even if you get those so expect to play a third game for those final kills. Remember that smaller maps, like Corvette or Courtyard, make the games go faster.

Iron With Friends - Complete a Campaign mission co-op on Heroic or harder with the Iron skull on. - 3500cR
This challenge is actually way easier than it sounds and it does not actually require a "friend" to play with, just a second controller. You can play this with a friend, but it generally makes little difference in the scheme of things. Turn on, login a second controller and then load up Nightfall on Heroic with the Iron Skull. Now, the Iron Skull, on co-op, simply returns you to your last checkpoint when someone dies. You can easily speedrun through this entire level by following the LASO guide located here, hardly needing to kill anyone at all. The second controller does not really need anyone playing, only one player needs to reach the end to finish the level. Expect this to take about seven to ten minutes.

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  1. Thanks for your help!

  2. the ones in firefight are straight forward, and the three sprees can be completed playing the living dead just get 5 shotgun kills without dying, you get shotgun spree, killing spree, and zombie killing spree.
    and the iron with friends can be completed on the first mission winter contingency just run through every thing there is little to no fighting what so ever and with those little trucks you can pass through every thing