Monday, June 11, 2012

Halo Reach Daily and Weekly Challenges Guide - 6/11/12

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The Challenges:
More than a Handful - Kill 25 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking. - 2000cR
There is no really need to worry about this challenge today as you need to play seven games for "The Magic Number" challenge. In seven games, if you do not have at least twenty-five kills (you should have about seventy-five to a hundred kills) something has gone horribly wrong. You really should be hitting about ten to fifteen kills a game and even more in some playlists (like Grifball and Multi Team). Regardless, if you hit about four kills a game today, you will complete this challenge.

... Got a Triple Double - Earn 3 Double Kills in the same match in Multiplayer Matchmaking. - 3000cR
As you likely know, a Double Kill in multiplayer Matchmaking is awarded when you score two kills within four seconds of each other in a match. Now, that scoring a Double Kill by itself is actually quite easy and should be a regular occurrence for you in multiplayer Matchmaking. Getting three in a game will likely be tougher for some. I will be urging you to play in the Multi Team play list for the "Light Fuse, Run Away" challenge and that is also a good place to farm multi kills using, pretty much, the same strategy to farm grenade kills. Grifball is also a great fallback.

Light Fuse, Run Away - Kill 4 enemies with grenades in a multiplayer Matchmaking game. - 2100cR
If you have yet to figure it out (and I'm willing to bet that you have) a grenade kill is earned by killing some with a grenade. Shocking right? So, the best playlist for this challenge is Multi Team. Specifically games like Crazy King or Oddball (not Three Ball, which is a horrible gametype) are great for grenade kills since the objective acts like a target. You know where people will be and when they are there, so just grenade them every chance you get. Four kills might take a game or two but, still, easily within most players abilities if you are consciously trying for it.

The Magic Number - Complete 7 games in multiplayer Matchmaking. - 3000cR
Short of the Weekly Challenge, all the other challenge today are in multiplayer Matchmaking so at least your challenge experience will be focused. Now you will likely be playing one or two games for the "... Got a Triple Double" challenge and possibly one more while trying to get the "Light Fuse, Run Away" challenge, but it all depends on what playlist you pick. After that, play whatever you want since you will still need games to hit seven. Team SWAT tends to be one of the faster gametypes as long as the map is small since players die so quickly. Try to stick to Slayer gametypes.

The Weekly Challenge:
Ride the Wave - Complete 150 Waves in Firefight Matchmaking. - 30000cR

I must say that I do find it weird that when we had this challenge recently, and it required more waves, it gave us less credits. Still less work for more credits sounds great to me. So, in a game of Firefight things are divided up by Sets, Rounds, and Waves. Typically, there are five waves in a Round, and three Rounds in a Set plus a bonus round of one wave. The number of Sets depends on the game but with Matchmaking, the most you can typically have is one, which means sixteen waves. Now, the Firefight Playlist (formerly Firefight Arcade) is your best option for this challenge. The best gametypes are ones like Arcade Fight that will allow the game to go as quick as possible. Other gametypes are doable too, like Rocket Attack, but you need to make sure that your team gets through all the waves. This can be done by picking smaller maps so the enemies get to you quicker. This challenge will only take ten games to complete. Play two a day and you are all set.


  1. This is great work your doing. Grifball is my fallback too. Haha.

    1. Yup, it's a miracle that Grifball got its own playlist or a bunch of these challenges would be a lot harder.