Sunday, February 5, 2012

Halo Reach Daily Challenges Guide - 2/5/12

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The Challenges:
One Spartan Army - Kill 400 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking. - 2000cR
Four-hundred kills in Firefight Matchmaking will take you a total of four games to complete as you typically get about a hundred and twenty kills a game. I would personally recommend playing 2X Score Attack so you can work on the "J.H. Death Machine" challenge. After that, Gruntpocalypse and 2X Score Attack is still the best gametype for the challenge and are the fastest gametypes for Firefight Matchmaking. Have fun.

Participation Counts - Complete 4 games in multiplayer Matchmaking. - 2400cR
A really easy challenge for Super Bowl Sunday. Four games will be really easy to complete and you will be playing a game or two for the "Triple Thrill" challenge. You just need to play another couple of games of whatever you choose. Personally, I would probably hit up some Grifball or Multi Team to rack up a bunch of kills. SWAT is my other option since the games are typically fast. Whatever you do is up to you.

J.H. Death Machine - Kill 40 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking with the Grenade Launcher. - 2000cR
This challenge is one of the reasons that I am suggesting you play 2X Score Attack. Basically, the Grenade Launcher is in one of the loadouts for the gametype. The forty kills do not all have to be done in a single game but can be spread over all four that you need to do today. Remember that the Grenade Launcher bounces it shots and is most effective when shot into groups. As well, 2X Score Attack increases overall damage so it has a more effective blast radius. You can get this done in a single game easily.

Triple Thrill - Earn any 3 Sprees in a multiplayer Matchmaking game. - 2000cR
The best way to get this challenge done is likely in the Living Dead playlist. The challenge does not stipulate that these need to be Killing Sprees, but they vary well may need to be. If not, you will hopefully be able to score two sprees every five kills if you are a survivor. You will get a Killing Spree and also a Zombie Killing Spree. If you happen to do all the kills with a shotgun, you will get a Shotgun Spree. That will take care of the challenge for you if it just requires Sprees. If it requires Killing Sprees, then Living Dead is still a good playlist. Just be patient and aim for the head.

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