Saturday, February 4, 2012

Halo Reach Daily Challenges Guide - 2/4/12

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The Challenges:Blastin' and Relaxin' - Kill 180 enemies in any game mode in Reach. - 2343cR
Unlike most of the other days this week, you will need to go out of your way to complete this challenge. "Light Fuse, Run Away" and "Cook 'em, Clean 'em!" will not lead to a lot of kills, especially as they can both likely be done during a game of Multi Team. "Office of Not Dying" is more of a question mark as you can get either a bunch of kills or fewer depending on how many times you die. You should be close to a hundred and eighty kills, however, so just play an extra game of Grifball to score some multikills for the Weekly Challenge and you will be fine.

Light Fuse, Run Away - Kill 4 enemies with grenades in a multiplayer Matchmaking game. - 500cR
Multi Team is probably your best option for this challenge as long as you are on a small map as players tend to cluster together for melee battles. Clearly, that is a great time to score Grenade kills but you need to be careful to through the grenade just before they start hitting each other, otherwise you will miss the kills. You need to get this done in a single game, but it should only take a single game to complete.

Cook 'em, Clean 'em! - Kill 10 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking while you're jet-packing. - 1200cR
There is a trick to getting jet-packing kills to count. The trick is that you need to actually be using the jet-pack armor ability as the kill is achieved. You cannot be falling and grenades while you were jet-packing only count if you are still jet-packing when the kills is achieved. This is not like the NBA, but more like the NHL. Puck must cross the goal line before the buzzer, not have been shot. Ten kills can be spread over two or more games and I would personally recommend Multi Team as it is easy to score kills and there is likely to be a jet-pack in one of the loadouts.

Office of Not Dying - Complete ONI on Legendary without dying. - 1600cR
As is usual with all of these challenge, you can die as much as you want and still complete the challenge. The trick is to play through the entire level, this time on Legendary, and die as much as you want. Just before you complete the final objective, which is taking out the Banshees and Phantom, Save and Quit the game. Then you will Resume Campaign and complete the mission without dying which will give you challenge completion. There might be some invisible Elites that you have to kill, but you should also have Rockets, so it will not be too hard.

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