Saturday, February 11, 2012

No Challenges Today

Too much to do this morning so I do not have time. 

Sorry everyone.


  1. Covenant-cide (120 kills in FF) - one game score attack and one crashsite if available.
    Not as clumsy or random (5 precision weapon kills in a MM game) - SWAT or Snipers are the ones to go to for this one. Just remember that all five must be in the same game.
    Aggressive negotiations (19 kills in a MM game) - If you can't manage to get 19 kills in swat/snipers, Grifball should allow you to get at least 19 kills per game.
    Who's the big winner (12 wins in FF) - Swat, snipers and grifball are all good for this as they are fast. Any other two-team playlist is advisable, as two teams allows a greater chance of being on the winning team.

    After reading this blog for a while, eventually you won't even need it!