Monday, January 30, 2012

Power Outage

Power is currently out here so I will post the challenges for today as soon as the power is back. Sorry, everyone.

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  1. Challenges for today are covenant-cide (120 enemies in FF), flat tire (5 vehicles in FF), five time champ (5 wins) and love of the game (17 completions)

    Covenant-cide is relatively easy while trying for Flat tire. Installation 04 and Holdout will provide occasional banshees, and beachhead has wraiths and ghosts on some modes [not sure which]. Occupied turrets also count as vehicles.

    Grifball games tend to go quick and are thus well suited to Love of the Game. Statistically, 17 two-team games should yield 8 wins. Grifball also provides lots of multikills, for completing the weekly: Multiplicative (200 multikills in MM)