Sunday, January 15, 2012

Halo Reach Daily Challenges Guide - 1/15/12

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The Challenges:
Blastin' and Relaxin' - Kill 180 enemies in any game mode in Reach. - 2343cR
The challenges today should not take up too much time. In fact, this challenge, asking you to score a hundred and eighty kills in any game mode in Reach, is a given to be completed while you are working on the "There Are Many Like..." challenge since it is requiring you to hit two-hundred kills in campaign. Unless my math is extremely rusty, two-hundred is more than a hundred and eighty kills. That mean that you do not need to worry about this challenge. Just ignore it and move on.

There Are Many Like... - Kill 200 enemies with precision weapons in the Campaign today. - 1500cR
There are several missions that start you with precision weapons. "Nightfall" will start you with a Sniper Rifle, while ONI: Swordbase and Tip of the Spear will start you with DMRs. Your best bet may be to simply play through those three levels in a row. Now, playing through all three should hit you about two hundred kills if you are constantly using precision weapons and being smart with your ammunition. You can also replay certain level if you think it will get you enough kills faster. It is entirely up to you, however. Pick your poison, but expect this to take a little while.

...Is a Virtue - Score 40,000 points in any Campaign mission with less than 3 deaths. - 2000cR
You are already playing other campaign missions today for the "There Are Many Like..." challenge so you can hopefully get this challenge done while working on that one. However, scoring forty-thousand points in a Campaign mission can be really easy if you try for it on the mission New Alexandria. Basically, turn on a bunch of Skulls like Tough Luck, Catch, Famine, Thunderstorm, and the Iron Skull. Now, play the mission on Heroic difficulty. Simply fly around and kill as many Banshees and Phantoms as you can. This will allow you to rack up points very quickly. You can probably do this in about five minutes. You should get the challenge completion message in game once it is complete.

Killing Frenzy - Earn a Killing Frenzy in a multiplayer Matchmaking game. - 4000cR
A Killing Frenzy in multiplayer Matchmaking is ten kills uninterrupted by death or the end of a round. Now, I am giving the same advice for this as I did for the Running Riot challenge and I am suggesting that you play in the Living Dead playlist. If you are a survivor, it is much easier to get kills and streaks going than if you are a Zombie. If you star with a group and do some minor camping, you should not have much of an issue getting ten kills without dying. Expect this to take a couple games, however.

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