Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Halo 4 War Games Daily Challenges - 9/10/13

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The Challenges:

In The Back - Assassinate 8 Players. - 1600 XP
Assassinations are not too hard to come by but, this time, you will need to bring in eight assassinations overall, however. Now, to score an assassination, you need to go behind an enemy and hold down the melee button. An animation will then trigger that needs to mostly complete for the assassination to count. Now, Regicide, along with Team Snipers, is probably the best spot to score assassination in any sort of Slayer game since Team Slayer Pro was taken away. Generally, however, you will want to stick to objective games since you can then hide and ambush people. Basically, pick your poison for this challenge. Expect it to take four to six games to score these assassinations.

Rolling Thunder - Earn 20 Killing Spree medals. - 1400 XP
A Killing Spree in War Games is earned when you score five kills in a row. As this challenge stipulates "Killing Spree medals" other sprees such as weapon and miscellaneous sprees will not count. Now, you do not need twenty in a single game, as that would be practically impossible, just overall but even that can be a bit of a task with the current state of War Games Matchmaking. You will undoubtedly be playing a bunch of games for the "In The Back" challenge so you will hopefully score some killing sprees there. After that, aim for objective gametypes as they lack kills limits which means you can get as many kills as possible.

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