Sunday, September 8, 2013

Halo 4 War Games Daily Challenges - 9/8/13

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The Challenges:

Game Over, Man! - Complete 10 matchmaking War Games matches. - 3500 XP
So, this challenge is a lot easier than it ever was in Halo Reach for one simple reason; you do not actually have to be in the game from start to finish for it to count. Really, you only need to be in there at the end. This means that join-session-in-progress games will count for this challenge as long as you are in there once the game finishes. Work on the "Got Backup" challenge first, since it will have you likely playing more than half the games needed for this challenge, and then move on to whatever games you please to finish off this challenge. Remember, that getting kicked, disconnected, or quitting from games will cause them not to count for this challenge. You just need to complete ten games, so this shouldn't take long.

Got Backup - Get 40 kills with a Secondary Weapon. - 4000 XP
Secondary weapons in Halo 4 include the Magnum Pistol, the Plasma Pistol, and the Bolt Shot. You are only really likely to score kills with the Magnum and Boltshot as the Plasma Pistol will likely just end up getting you killed. If you are on a map with a lot of narrow corridors, the Bolt Shot is best but use the Magnum if you are in more wide open spaces. Now, you just need fifty kills over the day, not in a single game. The best place to get these kills, however, will be in a gametype like SWAT where you can just score easy headshots. If that is your plan, you will want a smaller map like Adrift or Haven, since the Magnum will get raped by a DMR or BR on the larger maps. I would expect this challenge to take about five to seven games of actively trying for these kills to complete. Complete this challenge first and then move on to "Game Over, Man!".

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